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          was created and funded out of the need of two families. Both families in need of help in an unforeseen situation. Both families with young men trying to find there roads in life. The first a young man of 18 Willie, On his first road trip in a old car breaking down 360 miles from home in late November. Finding himself in the farm lands of Pennsylvania with very limited funds, no clothes and overwhelmed with the vast desolated area surrounding him.

               The second young man of 20 Robbie. Already taking that first defining step in life. Leaving the farm like many young men before him. Following in the tradition of his family, his father a West Point Graduate. Robbie enlisted in the army. Finding him caught up in the issue of decades of pentagon cut backs. Deploying with his unit Robbie is to be sent overseas without the proper equipment like many. Subsequently the whole issue of up-armering of personnel and vehicles coming into light.

                Both families being thrown together. Wendy Robbie’s mother, Finds herself traveling 30 miles to tow a young man and his car back to the farm. Providing shelter, clothing and food. A young man is given the opportunity to work on the farm for funds to repair his vehicle. The other family a Police officer's home. Finds the ways and means to obtain level 4 ballistic vests for the protection of a young man being sent overseas without proper protection.

               Both families strangers to each other stepping up to take care of the other family needs. Both families now trying to provide a little for others.

                The men and woman serving in the armed service are in need. They live and have died by an oath they took to protect us. There is a portion of the Marines creed I would like to leave you with, and let us live up too what we ask of our young men and women in the armed service protecting us.

                Never shall I forget the principles I accepted: Honor; perseverance, spirit, and heart. I can speak without saying a word and achieve what others can only imagine. As in all arrears of life I shall stand tall above the competition. Through professional pride, integrity, and teamwork. I shall be that example for others.

Thank You OSSFF

NEW York
Nicholas Kester
270 So. Great neck RD.
Copiague NY. 11726
Phone 1-631-789-4857
Fax     1-631-789-0073
Wendy Finiquerra
   589  Blue Ridge Crossing
Evans  Ga.  30809
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Please Help Us Support This Cause.

SGT Michael Kentner
12/29/06 at 09:23 AM

My name is SGT Mike Kentner from 773rd Trans Co. out of New York City, I am another recent recipients of On sight Support's Generosity.

Within the last week On sight Support had sent a  gift to my wife and daughter's back home in NY and several care packages to me here in Iraq.  There was enough "Stuff" in the care packages for my entire unit to all get something.

The package included snacks, recreational supplies such as sports equipment, games, cards, stationary, personal hygiene items...healthy foods, books literature and some letters from concerned people back home.

I wanted to thank Nick and the others involved with this project, his wife Karen, Wendy, Richard, Dawn and Scott Morrisey who works with Nick at the PAPD.   I don't know what to say guys.  I was so touched by your generosity and kindness.  Thanks just doesn't seem to be enough.  Still on behalf of my Wife, my three daughters, and the entire 773rd Trans Co.  I want to thank On sight Support from the bottom of my heart.

Sgt. Mike Kentner

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