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Features of Live Tennis Betting

When playing online, there are two important things to do: detect some patterns when playing live betting; to respond to sudden changes in the game and place bets until there are changes in the sports line faster than analysts at bookmakers. We will analyze one of these regularities below for you to practice when betting at

If in the 1st set it came to a tie-break, and the 2nd set begins with the loser in the tie-break, bet on his victory on his serve. In the presented example, it can be seen that Bertens won the 1st set only by the results of the tie-break. The second set began with the filing of Comty.

This theory is based on three points:

  • the winner of the tie-break relaxes a bit;
  • the motivation of a loser in a tie-breaker rolls over;
  • level of play should be approximately equal.

Strategy "Ladder" on the clear winner in the 1st set.

Sometimes even in a meeting of two equal athletes, one of them fails badly in the 1st set. If with a score of 5: 0 or 5: 1 in the next game the winning tennis player serves, then you can safely bet on his victory in the game. It is extremely rare in the 1st set that the losing player will “cling” to the completely failed starting set when, with such a crushing score, his opponent delivers. The losing tennis player has already mentally surrendered in the 1st set, he is already considering a plan of action in the 2nd set to give a real rebuff to the opponent.

In this situation, the bookmakers to win the winning tennis player give a low coefficient, in the range 1.10-1.20, which allows you to use the strategy "ladder".

Top Tennis Leagues

All leagues are good for tennis. Here is the main tennis axiom:

  • in popular tournaments to detect unreasonably powerful downloads to favorites;
  • in low-ranking tournaments to reveal strong biases on the victory of favorites.

Athletes don't get into the top 20 of the world ranking; the best athletes in the world really play here. But even they have recessions in the game. As soon as such a top tennis player loses two meetings in a row, having flown out of two tournaments at once, his motivation begins to roll over with terrible force. And rarely, a representative of the top 20 loses the third meeting in a row. Check the tennis betting guide to increase your chances for winning.

SGT Michael Kentner
12/29/06 at 09:23 AM

My name is SGT Mike Kentner from 773rd Trans Co. out of New York City, I am another recent recipients of On sight Support's Generosity.

Within the last week On sight Support had sent a  gift to my wife and daughter's back home in NY and several care packages to me here in Iraq.  There was enough "Stuff" in the care packages for my entire unit to all get something.

The package included snacks, recreational supplies such as sports equipment, games, cards, stationary, personal hygiene items...healthy foods, books literature and some letters from concerned people back home.

I wanted to thank Nick and the others involved with this project, his wife Karen, Wendy, Richard, Dawn and Scott Morrisey who works with Nick at the PAPD.   I don't know what to say guys.  I was so touched by your generosity and kindness.  Thanks just doesn't seem to be enough.  Still on behalf of my Wife, my three daughters, and the entire 773rd Trans Co.  I want to thank On sight Support from the bottom of my heart.

Sgt. Mike Kentner

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