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Hello & Thank You For reading This:
We have started our 2008 shipments in support of the troops deployed overseas this week, but we have also taken on a big project for the support of the Army's Fighting 69th and the Marines 3rd FAST, 4th PLT. We are raising funds to supply them both with Quick Clotting Bandages and ammo dump pouches. The Quick Clotting bandage I believe is Life Saving. If the wound requires this type of bandage I believe they should have one on each soldier. Understand with talking with the units they say the medic carries the bandage. But my contention is if the wound requires this type of bandage time is of the essence. By the time a medic gets to the downed soldier he could have lost a lot of blood dropping the blood pressure of the soldier to a critical level creating another medical problem. I believe each combat soldier should have on him a quick clotting bandage. Inquiries with both units say they would love to have the extra bandages if we could get them. If we do they would give training to there units for the proper application of the bandage. If the wound warrants it use it ! The dump pouch is a piece of equipment that will improve there tactical capabilities. Pricing like everything is expensive. Every donation brings us closer to the total up grading of the two units.

If you would like to get involved with a simple fundraiser read the above attachment and take a look.
Start the drive or pass it on we have a short time to rase the funding for this project before they deploy...

Thank You
Nicholas and Karen Kester
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Once in a rare while an invention comes along that dramatically disrupts the status quo. When it comes to saving lives at the scene by stopping severe traumatic blood loss, little improvement had been made since the development of the tourniquet during the Civil War.

In 2002, Z-Medica Corporation's launch of QuikClot brand hemostatic agent changed the world of hemostasis forever and brought the promise of saving the lives of untold accident and battlefield victims around the world who would otherwise bleed to death before reaching a surgical setting.

QuikClot is the invention of former NASA engineer, scientist and Z-Medica co-founder Francis X. Hursey who thought outside the box while working with the mineral material at the core of QuikClot® while experimenting with it for a totally different purpose. His amazing product rapidly stops moderate to severe arterial and venous bleeding and is easily applied by even non-medical personnel. It is also in the forefront of hemostatic nano-technology.
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