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Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail Benjamin Franklin

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Why The Right Vest For Our Troops?
When a bullet strikes a body armor panel, the fibers absorb and disperse the energy of the impact across a generalized area. Most concealable body armor is made of a number of layers; these layers assist in the energy dispersion process and help to reduce the effects of blunt trauma, caused by the force of the impacting projectile.
Threat Levels

What will the

different level

body armor

defend against?
What type and threat level of armor?*
Excerpts from Justice Technology Information Network - A program of the National Institute of Justice
Fireman Andrew Palladino
Dear OnSight Support
Mr and Mrs Kester

           I would like to Thank You all at OnSight Support for what you did for my shipmates and other service members around the globe.  It truly means a lot to hear from people back in the States.  The cookies were a big hit.  The toiletries were also very much in need.  A Coast Guard Cutter is not meant for long 6 months patrols.  So all the items that were in those packages made life that much more enjoyable.  On behalf of my family, myself, and the Entire CGC MIDGETT Crew we would like to express appreciation for you and what you do for
The United States Service members. 
Stay Healthy , And God Speed.

Fireman Andrew W Palladino
Seattle Washington

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Now Please Support Our Military..We Shall Never Forget
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