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Terri Haupt of At The Corner  Email
10/12/06 at 08:09 AM

I would like to ask of all of you to please pray for my Cousin Angelo who is being laid out today and tomorrow and being buried Saturday!

A 23-year-old Army medic from Deltona was killed Oct. 2, 2006 while trying to rescue fellow soldiers wounded in an ambush in Afghanistan.  Spc. Angelo Vaccaro and another U.S. soldier died near Korengal in eastern Afghanistan when their unit met resistance trying to recover casualties from an earlier firefight.

Terri Haupt

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Volume 1, Issue 1

Newsletter Date May 15, 2009

Welcome Our NewsLetter
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Nick Kester Founder OSSFF
News Letter from the Editor
Your views and comments will be greatly appreciated….

What will be Plan  C ?

There is a few more months remaining to test the new or should we say the Old Iraq Strategy.
But we will need a fallback option and they are scarce and scary.

       Mid the congressional grandstanding some weeks back over U.S. policy in Iraq The house channeled the President and cast voiced a simple choice, yes a simple choice one with a simple answer.

             " If you're not for victory in Iraq the Republican said" Your For Failure."

If only it were that simple.  What kind of victory is achievable at this point and time, realistically achievable? Could it be our concept of a modern democracy? Probably not, could it be a thriving stable government one that would present some semblance of central authority and deny Al Qaeda that foot hold and home for training camps. On the other side!  What would Failure be? A new location for the killing fields in the sands.
Re-education camps for hundreds of thousands. Camps that would resemble medieval dungeons. Executions with the re-insurgent of special police tacking citizens away in the night never to return. Recently a Senator said he has spoken to people that was in
Re-education camps in Viet Nam and they are just doing fine now! Maybe we should all go to re-education camps and then we will do just fine…These days most Americans would settle for anything less than an all out civil or a full regional war. Just as long as we bring the Troops Home. More voices are arguing our goal should simply be U.S. Troops out of Iraq whatever the consequences. The" B " plan has called for the surge of 21.500 U.S. Troops .  But isn't that shifting the responsible back on us to keep the Iraq people safe.  There are signs that the new security plan is taking shape.  Even officials admit it was a long shot dependent on the performance of the Iraqi government. And it has shown promise.  Yes they will be hard pressed to move forward and even our Def Sec. ordered Pentagon officials to look at fallback alternatives. We are coming to that crossroad and the discussion for that possible
"Plan C "What will that be?

Thank You
We invite you to air your view point. Remember those men and women over there are our Fathers and Sons our Mothers, Daughters Aunts and Uncles Friends And Family Never forget Them and Never Dishonor Them

They are serving over there as our Fathers did before.

Untill next time
Nick Kester
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